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Robert C. Mussehl


Juris Doctor Degree, Washington College of Law,American University, Washington D.C.


Bachelor of Arts Degree, American University,Washington, D.C., Political Science,

Government,and International Relations.




Recipient, Delta Theta Phi Scholarship Award (received upon graduation for maintaining an overall grade point in the upper 7 ½ of his class standing at the Washington College of Law, American University Law School, Washington D.C.). Class President, Washington College of Law, American University Law School.

 Recipient, Dean’s Award, Outstanding Student, Torts, Washington College of Law, American University (received from and taught by Dean John Sherman Myers), the Lawyers Co-op Publishing Company Award.


 Present                      He is currently practicing in Seattle, Washington with The Law Office of Robert C. Mussehl, LLC.  His practice emphasizes the representation of injured persons, medical negligence, alternative dispute resolution and sports law.

 MUSSEHL & ROSENBERG – plaintiff personal injury practice.

 11/1967 –                THOM, MUSSEHL, NAVONI, HOFF, PIERSON & RYDER, Seattle; emphasis on general trial practice, including sports law,
09/1976                   corporate law, family law, juvenile law, insurance defense law, personal injury law, and consumer law.


1967                          SKEEL, McKELVY, HENKE, EVENSON & BETTS, now known as BEETS, PATTERSON & MINES; civil and insurance defense

                                    trial practice.




Martindale-Hubbell, the National Law Directory, has given Mr. Mussehl a rating of “A-V” which is the highest rating the publication bestows upon lawyers

for both legal ability and integrity and professional reliability and diligence.




United States Supreme Court

1968                          United States Court of Appeals (9th Circuit)

1967                          United States District Court (Western District of Washington)

1967                          Washington State Supreme Court






2005-2008               Editor, ABA Goal IX Newsletter, to advance the role of minorities, women and persons with disabilities in their profession.


2004-2006               Commissioner:  ABA Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity.


2002-2004               ABA Dispute Resolution Section Liaison, ABA Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession.


2001-2002               Chair, ABA Section of Dispute Resolution.  This section is comprised of approximately 16,000 members and has 46 committees and

                                    task forces.  It publishes a quarterly magazine, books, and a newsletter, and produces an annual educational conference on ADR that

                                    attracts more than 1,200 attendees.


2001-2002               Member, ABA Symposium on Legal Services and the public


2000-2002               Vice Chair, Chair Elect, ABA Section of Dispute Resolution.


1997-1999               Budget Officer, ABA Section of Dispute Resolution


1995-1997               Assistant Budget Officer, ABA Section of Dispute Resolution


1993-1994               Executive Council Member, ABA Section of Dispute Resolution.  One of eight national at-large members.  A primary purpose of the

                  section is to educate and promote the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which includes negotiation, mediation, arbitration,

                  and settlement conferences.


Member, Standing Committee on Dispute Resolution. The Committee was chaired by former ABA President, Robert D. Raven, and consisted of eleven of the leading professional in the United States on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).


Member, Special Advisory Committee on International Activities. The committee was chaired consecutively by Immediate Past ABA

Presidents L. Stanley Chauvin, Jr., and Robert D. Raven.


1988                          Liaison, Special Advisory Committee on Relations with Foreign and International Legal Associations. Chair: Eugene Thomas,

Immediate Past ABA President.


1988                          Chair, Special ABA Meeting with United Nations Secretary-General, Javier Perez de Cuellar, his Under Secretary, ABA President

Robert MacCrate, and members of the ABA Standing Committee on World Order Under Law, at the United Nations, New York, N.Y., April 08, to discuss areas of mutual interest and concern including U.S. payment arrearages to the United Nations and The World Court Compulsory Jurisdiction.


1986-1989               Chair, Standing Committee on World Order Under Law. The members of the Committee on World Order Under Law were: Hon. Robert

F. Drinan; Prof. Henry F. King, Jr.; Hon. Edmund Muskie; ABA Representative to the United Nations, Hon. Frank C. Newman; F. Perry Odom; U.S. Circuit Judge Lawrence Pierce; Alternative Observer to the United Nations, Prof. Louis B. Sohn; Observer to the U.S. Mission to the United Nations, Paul C. Warnke; Prof. Edith Brown Weiss; and Prof. Burns H. Weston.


Member, Special ABA Blue Ribbon Committee on the World Court, which was charged with the responsibility to study and consider a

new acceptance by the United States of the general compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice (The World Court). Members were as follows: Prof. Abram Chayes; Prof. Anthony Damato; Monroe Leigh; Prof. Robert E. Lutz; Prof. John Norton Moore; Robert S. Rendell; Davis R. Robison; Arthur W. Rovine; Hon. Abraham D. Sofaer; Prof. Louis B. Sohn; and Hon. Syrus R. Vance, former U.S. Secretary of State.


Member, Standing Committee on World Order Under Law.


1982-1988               Member, Ad Hoc Committee on the Assembly, Chair: 1986-1988


Washington State ABA Membership Chair.


Chair, Marriage and Family Counseling and Conciliation Committee, ABA Family Law Section.


Member, Standing Committee on Assembly Resolutions.


1979-1991               Member, ABA House of Delegates (the policymaking body of the ABA). Mr. Mussehl was one of the fifteen at-large Delegates elected

by the National Convention Membership at ABA annual meetings (five members were elected each year for a three year term of office). In February 2001, he represented the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution for the Seattle mid-term meeting of the House of Delegates.


ABA Advisory Committee, World Peace through Law Center.


Regional Director, ABA Disaster Victim Assistance Program (a joint national agreement of the ABA and the President’s Office of Emergency Preparedness): Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Oregon.


National Director, Young Lawyers Division. Served under YLD Chair, Harry L. Hathaway.


1972-1973               Member, Special Committee on Lawyer’s Retirement Plan. As a member of this committee, Mr. Mussehl contributed his skills as a

lawyer and an administrator to advise and plan for the investment of approximately $60 million in lawyers’ retirement funds.


Counsel, 26th Annual Argument of the Conference on Personal Finance Law, “Constitutionality of Self Help Provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code,” San Francisco, August 14, 1972 (co-counsel Daniel J. Piliero, II, Washington D.C.). Mr. Mussehl was one of four attorneys selected by the ABA to participate in this special annual event which is held in conjunction with the ABA annual meeting. The Piliero/Mussehl team was victorious in the argument.


Program Chair and Panel Moderator, ABA Annual Meeting: Presidential Showcase Panel, YLS, New York, N.Y., on Consumer

Protection Issues. Featured Speaker: Hon. Elizabeth Hanford Dole.


Chair, Consumer Affairs Committee, Young Lawyers Section. This committee was comprised of approximately 1,100 lawyers with a

special interest in consumer law.


1970                          Program Chair and Panel Moderator, ABA Annual Meeting: Presidential Showcase Panel, Young Lawyers Section, St. Louis, MO,

August 07. Program title: “A New Challenge to our Court System: The Spirited Lawyer Representing the Political Defendant.” Panel members: Joseph A. Ball, Long Beach, CA; Charles R. Garry, San Francisco, CA; Albert E. Jenner, Chicago, IL; William M. Kunstler, New York, NY; Hon. Simon H. Rifkind, New York, NY; Donald E. Santarelli, Washington, D.C.




1991-2001               Member, National Coordinating Committee, World Peace through Law Section


1990-present           Member, Dispute Resolution Section.


Co-Editor, Washington Family Law Deskbook, a two-volume, forty-four chapter book on domestic relations and matrimonial law

published by the Washington State Bar Association.


Member, Executive Committee, World Peace through Law Section.


Chair, World Peace through Law Section.


Secretary, World Peace through Law Section (Co-founder of the section).


Chair, International and World Peace through Law Committee.


Member, Executive Committee, Family Law Section.


Member, Special Committee on Organization and Government of the Bar. Mr. Mussehl was part of a massive campaign spearheaded by

the Young Lawyers Section of the KCBA to restructure the Washington State Bar, a measure that required legislative action to amend the State Bar Act of 1933. Governor Daniel Evans signed senate Bill No. 253 on February 20, 1972. This amendment made possible implementation of the one-lawyer, one-vote concept for the members of the WSBA Board of Governors. The amendment also created two additional King County at-large positions on the Board, expanding the Board membership from seven to nine lawyers. The King County at-large members helped to give the Board an increased awareness of urban problems. At the recommendation of The Special Committee on Organization and Government of the Bar, the Bar Association created sections to increase lawyer participation in State Bar affairs and expanded its continuing legal education program and its committee structure to include areas of public interest and social justice. Also involved as leaders in this campaign were attorneys Tom A. Alberg, Gregory R. Dallaire, David D. Hoff, William H. Neukom, Llewelyn G. Pritchard, Edmund B. Raftis, Hon. John W. Riley, and many other supportive and concerned lawyers who wanted more democratic membership participation and involvement in the affairs of the association.


Member, Board of Elections.


Treasurer, Board of Trustees, Young Lawyers Committee.


Member, Board of Trustees, Young Lawyers Committee.


Chair, Youth and the Law Committee.




Member, Family Law Section.


1973-1975               Member, Special Committee to Establish Child Support Schedule (Family Law Section).


1972-1973               Member, Executive Committee, Board of Trustees, under the Chair of KCBA President Betty B. Fletcher.


1972-1973               Secretary, King County Bar Association.


1971-1976               Member, World Peace through Law Committee.


1971-1972               Member, Board of Trustees, Ex-Officio Chair, KCBA Young Lawyers Section.


1971-1972               Chair, Young Lawyers Section.


1970                          Chair, Programs and Meetings Panel. Serving under KCBA President Bradley T. Jones, Mr. Mussehl was responsible for planning the

Association’s weekly meetings and arranging speakers for the weekly and annual meetings of the KCBA.


1969-1972               Member, Board of Trustees, Young Lawyers Section.




Author:                     Paradise: A Roadway to Heaven. The theme of the book is world community, the need for social justice and religious tolerance, as well

as strong evidence of the reality of the afterlife (heaven).


Co-Author:              “Law and the Hunger Crisis,” Washington State Bar News, Vol. 45, No. 5, May 1991.


Author:                     “Profile of the Month” on Dan Danilov, King County Bar News, December 1990.


Co-Author:              “Interstate Custody Disputes,” Washington State Bar News, Vol. 41, No. 11, November 1987.


Author:                     “Profile of the Month” on Judge Edward E. Henry, King County Bar News, March 1986.


Co-Author:              “Advancing the Rule of Law in the World,” Washington State Bar News, Vol. 39, No. 6, June 1985.


Author:                     “Effective and Practical Family Law Negotiation,” Washington State Bar News, Vol. 38, No. 11, November 1984. The article was

reprinted in The Advocate, Idaho State Bar, Vol. 29, No. 3, March 1986.


Author:                     “Expanded Responsibilities of the Dissolution Lawyer,” Washington State Bar News, Vol. 36, No. 1, January 1982.


Co-Author:              “Marvin v. Marvin (Impact on Washington State),” Washington State Trial Lawyers Trial News, Pt. I, Vol. XVI, No. 1, September 1980,

Pt. II, Vol. XVI, No. 2, October 1980.


Author:                     “Washington State Dissolution Practice; Meeting Divorce Clients’ Needs,” Washington State Bar News, Vol. 33, No. 10, October 1979.


Author:                     “The Divorce Explosion: A New Role for the Lawyer,” Washington State Bar News, Vol. 31, No. 3, March 1977.


Author:                     “From Advocate to Counselor: The Emerging Role of the Family Law Practitioner,” The Gonzaga Law Review, Vol. 12, No. 3, Spring



Author:                     “Arbitration Could Bring World Peace to Our Troubled Planet,” Washington State Bar News, Vol. 31, No. 11, December 1977.


Author:                     “Arbitration of International Disputes,” Washington State Bar News, Vol. 30, No. 7, July 1976.


Author:                     “The Neighborhood Consumer Center: Relief for the Consumer at the Grassroots Level,” Notre Dame Law Review, Vol. 47, No. 5,



Contributor:            “What To Do with Your Bad Car: An Action Manual for Lemon Owners,” by Ralph Nader, Lowell Dodge and Ralph Hotchkiss

(Grossman Publishers: New York, 1971), pages 152-156. Mr. Mussehl contributed sample letters and court pleadings that he had successfully used in pursuing the claim of a dissatisfied customer against a Seattle car dealer.


Contributor:            Mr. Mussehl was a contributing writer from 1970 to 1973 to The Consumer Advocate, a periodical published by the ABA Consumer

Affairs Committee, with a circulation of 5,000 persons directly involved with consumer affairs.


                  SPEAKER/FACULTY MEMBER


Speaker on subject of Family/Dissolution Law, Washington State Trial Lawyers Association meetings, Seattle, Spokane, and Vancouver, B.C. Washington State Bar Association, King County Bar Association, and other professional organizations.


Speaker at the 1986 WSBA Convention CLE Seminar, “Effects of U.S. Foreign Policy on Doing Business Abroad” on the subject of Economic Sanctions and Export Controls Overview.


Recipient of certificate of appreciation for addressing the Senior Kiwanis Club of Seattle on April 30, 1987, to commemorate Law Day.




1997                          Recipient of the Jefferson Award Medallion, Washington State’s highest award given to individuals for volunteer public and community



1991-present           Fellow, American Bar Foundation.


1987-1990               Selected for inclusion in the 1987, 1988, 1989, and 1990 editions of The Best Lawyers in America.


1982-present           Who’s Who in American Law.


1981-2001               Fellow, The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.


1977                          Elected Charter Member and Fellow of the ABA Young Lawyers Section.


1972-1973               Recipient, two ABA Awards: ABA President Chesterfield Smith made the presentation to Mr. Mussehl as immediate past chair of the

KCBA Young Lawyer Section in recognition of the group’s effort in the areas of consumer protection, campaign disclosure law reform, human rights, protection of individual liberties, and combating drug abuse.


                  LEGAL PRECEDENTS


In RE: Marriage of Peters, 33 Wn. App. 48 (1982)

Mr. Mussehl successfully represented Dr. David L. Peters before the Washington State Court of Appeals, wherein the Appellate Court reversed the trial court’s decision. This case established new law in Washington State, stating that a child support obligation may not be made subject to an escalation clause that operates automatically without regard to any changes in the non-custodial parent’s income or other relevant circumstances. Mr. Mussehl argued that the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution applied to this case under due process and equal protection provision Section I, Amendment XIV (1886), the U.S. Constitution. The court further stated that a child support award might be based upon a non-custodial spouse’s ability to pay without consideration being given to the contribution that the custodial spouse is able to make. Washington State Child Support Guidelines were thereby substantially modified to include the income of the custodial spouse in calculating the child support payments on a pro-rata basis.


United States v. Chapel, No. 24840, 428 F.2d (1970)

Mr. Mussehl effectively argued before the United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, on June 29, 1970, to overturn a decision handed down by the United States District Court of the Western District of Washington, Northern Division, the Hon. William T. Beeks, Chief Trial Court Judge. This precedent-setting case involved a young man who had been awarded a probationary period of three years after having been convicted for refusing induction into military service. Subsequent action was brought against the young man to revoke the probation as a punishment for having engaged in acts of civil protest against the Vietnam War. Mr. Mussehl presented an argument before the United States Court of Appeals that reversed the Trial Court’s decision to revoke the probation. This was a landmark decision, limiting the discretionary powers of the Federal Trial Court Judge.




King County Bar Association


Washington State Bar Association


American Bar Association


Washington State Trial Lawyers Association


Member, Seattle Panel of Arbitrators, American Arbitration Association, and Atlanta Sports Law Panel


Fellow, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (Inactive status)


Panel Member, Settlement Now Mediation Program (established to reduce King County Court congestion)


Founding Member, World Association of Lawyers of the World Peace through Law Center, Washington, D.C. (1980), which is headed by the former ABA

President, Charles Rhyne.


Member, CPR Commission on Ethics and Standard of Dispute Resolution Practice


                  CIVIC AND COMMUNITY


1995-1997               Chair, Washington State Lawyers Campaign for Hunger Relief (Lawyers Helping Hungry Children).


1992-1995               Member, Interfaith Coalition for Human Rights, a Seattle-based organization of Christians, Jews and Muslims seeking to implement the

International Bill of Human Rights.


1991-present           Board of Directors, Lawyers Helping Hungry Children.


1991-1993               Chair, Public Relations/Media Committee, Lawyers Helping Hungry Children Campaign for Hunger Relief.


1991                          Founder, Washington State Lawyers Campaign for Hunger Relief.


1989-1991               Board of Directors, United Nations Association of the United States of America (Seattle Chapter).


1987                          Moot Court Judge, 1987 National Appellate Advocacy Competition finals, held in San Francisco, August 7-9.


1987                          Panel Member, ABA Symposium on the Compulsory Jurisdiction of the World Court, San Francisco, August 9.


1983-1987               Panel Member, Washington State Advisory Board, Lawyers Alliance for Nuclear Arms Control.


1982                          Mr. Mussehl was selected by ABA President David R. Brink, to judge the National finals of the Fourteenth Annual Client Counseling

Competition held at McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento, CA, March 26-27.


1977-present           Charter Member, Heritage Club, Young Men’s Christian Association of Greater Seattle (YMCA).


1977-1981               Affiliate, Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL).


1977-1980               Member, Variety Club of the Pacific Northwest, Tent No. 46.


1976-1981               Board of Directors, the Washington State Public Interest Law Center.


1976-1978               Member, Task Force on the Single Adult and the Church, The Church Council of Greater Seattle.


1976-1978               Member, Washington State Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.


1976-1978               Guest Speaker at Solo Center Series, subject: Divorce Law.


1976                          Mr. Mussehl, concerned with environmental issues, was Chair of a statewide organization, Lawyers for Durning for Governor; statewide

Chair of the campaign’s finance committee; and Planning Director for the campaign’s major fund-raising event. Mr. Marvin Durning was defeated in the election by former Governor Dixie Lee Ray. Mr. Durning was subsequently appointed by President Carter to the position of Director for Enforcement, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


                  BUSINESS ACTIVITIES


1983-2000               President, Innerfaith Outreach, Inc.


1987-1995               Co-owner of Downtown Cleaners and Tailoring, with wife Misook Chung.


1976-1980               Chair, Board of Directos and Chief Executive Officer, The Seattle Smashers, a professional volleyball club and member of the

International Volleyball Association.


1971-1982               Mr. Mussehl negotiated contracts for professional athletes and NBA players, including: Spencer Haywood; Fred Brown; Slick Watts;

and Zaid Abdul Aziz (Don Smith).


                  HOBBIES AND INTERESTS


Family activities, golfing, squash, walking, religious studies, painting, writing, singing, weight training, and competitive body building are among the activities Mr. Mussehl pursues in his personal time.




Mr. Mussehl’s painting, titled “World Peace – A Blending of the Human Spirit,” was chosen by the World Peace through Law Committee of the King County Bar Association to represent the meaning behind the Ralph Bunche Award. The annual Award is given by the KCBA and the WSBA to the person making an outstanding contribution to world peace through law and international understanding.




Member, Legal Delegation to Soviet Union and Western Europe, led by Allen E. Brennecke, Immediate Past Chair of the ABA House of Delegates, October 4-19, 1986.


Selected by the Who’s Who Publication Board for inclusion in the 1982 edition of the Who’s Who in American Law and all subsequent editions, as well as the 1984/85 edition of Who’s Who in America, Vol. 2, 43rd Ed., p.2370, and subsequent selection in the 1986-2008 editions, “inclusion in which is limited to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their own fields of endeavor and who have, thereby, contributed significantly to the betterment of contemporary society.” Mr. Mussehl has also been regularly included in the Who’s Who in the World since 2005.


Selected as subject for a monthly profile article for inclusion in the KCBA Bar Bulletin, No. 6, Iss. 2, October 1987, written by Seattle attorney Floyd F. Fulle, and Hon. Edward E. Henry, retired Superior Court Judge, King County.


Selected for service as King County Superior Court Judge Pro Tempore.